We ship our wonderful handmade-to-order products worldwide, and shipping depends on the size and weight of your order. As a courtesy and part of cour customer service philosophy, we pass the shipping rates real-time straight to our customers from USPS without a handling fee.

When you order from us, you're not getting old, stale products that have sat on shelves for months after a long voyage halfway across the world on a cargo ship, you are getting made to order, carefully crafted, premium luxury products made from the finest ingredients available. When you order from us, most of your products don't actually exist, but we start working on them immediately by producing them in small batches with our unique production/fulfillment process. This means that they were made specifically for you, and ensures that by the time they reach you, they've only been in existence for a few days and their quality and freshness is the best it can possibly be. Some of the products have to dry overnight and/or require a 2 step production process, so please allow 6-8 business days for us to ship your order. This is a completely unique approach that ensures that the fragrances are richer and long-lasting, the textures are smoother, the freshness can be seen and felt, and the overall quality is unmatched. Order today and experience the Belle Ame' difference.

Our website offers real-time shipping calculation, so you can just add some items to your cart, and see what it would actually cost. This rate would also change automatically if you change the products in your cart. The rates come directly from the carrier and are calculated using the shipping weight of the items, which is the product weight plus about 15% for the weight of packaging materials and complimentary samples. In fact, if your go the the postal service website, you can calculate it for yourself using the product weights plus about 15%, and see that they are very close if not identical to the rates displayed on our website.