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Freeze Dried Skittles

Freeze Dried Skittles

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A fun and exciting, new twist on candy!  Freeze Dried Skittles has a light and crunchy taste. The Freeze-drying process completely changes the texture of sticky & chewy, to light & crunchy, and each bite explodes with a burst of intense flavor.

Large Bag is 10 X 5.5 (2.2 ounces)

Small Bag is 6 X 4 (1.0 ounces)

Most of our freeze dried candy is made fresh to order and packaged with care, so you can enjoy the freshest and most delicious candy possible.

All candy is packed in a Mylar Bag with a silica gel packet and sealed to ensure freshness. 

Store in a cool, dry area, and keep sealed tight to not lose desired textures


The amount and size of candy can vary. Freeze Dried candle is very fragile and we do our best to package it securely. Unfortunately, some pieces can break during transit. 

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